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DNP Programs Across the US: Part I: Program Characteristics

Posted about 6 years ago by Mary S. Johnson

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Doctor of Nursing Practice Programs Across the United States: a Benchmark of Information.
Part I: Program Characteristics

The number of doctor of nursing practice (DNP) programs in the United States has dramatically increased. To date, there is a lack of benchmark data regarding DNP program attributes; thus, the purpose of this investigation was to generate such a database. Because of the volume of information gathered, the results are presented in a two-part article. Part I consists of DNP program characteristics, which include location of program, type of program, delivery, plan of study, program length, number of credits, cost, program tracks, practice course name, review of programs still offering the master's degree for advanced practice nurses (APNs), and the availability of nursing education electives. Part II consists of information regarding DNP admission criteria. Download attachment to continue reading.