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Baker Act Bill To Be Heard Thursday Feb 7th Your Calls Needed

Posted almost 6 years ago by ENP Admin

Dear Colleagues.

HB 9 will be heard in the Health Quality Subcommittee this Thursday.

Please call or email each member of the committee below and ask them to support this bill.

Here is a suggested letter for you to use:

Dear __________

Please support HB 9 Involuntary Examination under the Baker Act. This bill will allow Advanced registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) to sign a Certificate of Involuntary Examination for patients who are suicidal or homicidal.

Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioners (ARNPs) are educated and obligated to perform mental health evaluations for suicidal or homicidal intention.

If a patient exhibits life threatening behavior toward self or others, the ARNP cannot issue a certificate to have that person involuntarily examined and protected.

The following professionals may authorize certificate of involuntary examination:
  • Social Workers
  • Marriage & Family Therapists
  • Psychiatric Nurses
  • Clinical Psychologists
  • Physicians

ARNPs are often the only provider in rural and underserved clinics.

If there is no authorized person present to issue a certificate, the ARNP must call Law Enforcement and ask them to evaluate the person. This takes away the scarce resources of law enforcement.

If the law enforcement officer does not agree to sign a certificate, the person must be allowed to leave and dire consequences could result.

Adding ARNP into the current statute will have no effect on current budget and may even improve resources as law enforcement officers will not be tied up with these issues.

Health Care Quality Subcommittee Members

Kenneth Roberson (chair)
941-613-0914 - Port Charlotte
850-717-5075 - Tallahassee

Patrick Rooney, Jr. (vice chair)
516-625-5176-Palm Beach

Daphne Campbell
850-717-5108 - Tallahassee

Manny Diaz, Jr.
850-717-5103 - Tallahassee
No Hialeah number listed

Eduardo Gonzalez
305-364-3066 - Hialeah Gardens
850-717-5111 - Tallahassee

Bryan Nelson
407-884-2023 - Apopka
850-717-5031 - Tallahassee

Jose Oliva
305-364-3114 - Hialeah
850-717-5110 - Tallahassee

Kevin Rader
516-218-5010 or 561-218-5011 - Boca Raton
850-717-5081 - Tallahassee

Daniel Raulerson
813-757-9110 - Plant City
850-717-5058 - Tallahassee

Jose Javier Rodriguez
305-854-0365 - Miami
850-717-5112 - Tallahassee

Joe Saunders
407-207-7283 - Orlando
850-717-5049 - Tallahassee

Ross Spano
813-655-3742 - Riverview
850-717-5059 - Tallahassee

Clovis Watson, Jr.
352-264-4001 - Gainesville
850-717-5020 - Tallahassee